Tiny Kephart Human’s Nursery Part One

real_spaces We moved into a small two bedroom apartment at the beginning of January and it gave us just enough time to put our Tiny Kephart Human nursery together! The only thing we are missing is the rug we ordered from Pattern Society, which is on backorder. I had hoped to do a few more DIY projects, but only was able to do the Mobile, feather garland and mountain pillow. Luke, my husband, spent many of his free evenings repainting the changing table and making/painting all the display shelves. Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s post where I share links to some of the other items you can find in Tiny Kephart Human’s Nursery.






















Above photos by Molly C. Photography from our maternity photo shoot <3




































Tiny Kephart Human Registry


Despite calling this a registry we opted not to do one and instead will be hosting a “sip & see” type of celebration post the birth of our little one, but we still needed to get the essentials! On Cyber Monday back in December I took advantage of all the online sales and went a little crazy with my purchases. Above you’ll see all the goodies I got *i love a good sale! What were some of the essentials you couldn’t live without once you had your little one? Leave a comment and let us know!



Brenna & Patrick Wedding Video by Silver Shutter Productions


Eric, of Silver Shutter Productions, always does a great job capturing authentic moments of the bride and groom which lets you in on discovering their true love story. Always real, you can’t help but fall in love with their love. Also, how sweet is that toast from the brother of the groom? Congratulations Brenna & Patrick on your love and the continuation of your lives together! <3



Pablano Chicken Chowder Submitted by Margaret Haines

I asked Margaret, an old friend, teacher, and foodie (check out her blog here ), last year if she would be interested in submitting a recipe she'd made and she so kindly submitted this delicious Paula Dean dish she was whipping up for her school's “Souper Bowl” back then. I never got it posted, so I wanted to share it with you this year!

What Margaret had to say about the Pablano Chicken Chowder recipe:

I look forward to our “Souper Bowl” at school each time we do it, and I'm always determined to win! I don't think of myself as a competitive person, but it is oddly important to me to have people view me as a good cook. Check out the original recipe here .

First off, it's January. I certainly wasn't going to grill chicken. I opted for ready-to-go, delicious rotisserie chicken from the store and shredded it.


In addition to shredding the chicken, there was a ton of prep to do with the vegetables (five stalks of celery, two white onions, three carrots, three pablano peppers, two bulbs of garlic). My knife skills aren't that great, but I find chopping veggies to be very therapeutic. This would be an excellent recipe to put together after a bad day!

I also opted to add bacon to the recipe (my girl Paula never disappoints, but I didn't think she'd mind this addition). I fried the bacon in my biggest soup pot, removed the crumbles with a slotted spoon, and then sautéed all my veggies in the bacon fat. I seasoned with 1 / 2   t. cumin, 1 / 2 t. white pepper, 1 t. salt.

When the veggies started to soften, I poured in two BIG (46.5 ounces) cans of chicken broth and one bunch chopped cilantro. I let the whole mess simmer over medium heat until the veggies were as soft as I wanted.


In a separate pan, I melted one stick of butter. The recipe said to stir in one cup of flour, but I found this to be a little much—I'd do 3 / 4 cup next time to avoid lumps. After you have cooked off the raw flour taste (1-2 minutes), ladle in one cup of liquid from the soup (advice: use a liquid measuring cup). Use a whisk to combine fully before adding two more cups of liquid. Stir in one cup of heavy whipping cream and a few swirls of sriracha (or your favorite hot sauce. Paula Deen is not available at my local grocery store).


Since I was going to take this to school in a crock pot, I left the chicken and bacon in the crock and pour the two liquids over the meat. Final analysis: full of flavor! *If I were making it for home, I would have snuck in a jalapeño and more sriracha. I wasn't sure how much spice my coworkers could handle! Also, don't start this unless you have plenty of time; it took me at least two hours.



Rosero Sisters Mermaid Inspiration Board


1. Light | 2. Lamp | 3. Crib Blanket | 4. Mermaid Blanket | 5. Beach Baby | 6. Nightlight | 7. Starfish | 8. Curtains | 9. Coral Prints | 10. Customized Doll | 11. Mermaids Sign | 12. Chair | 13. Pillow | 14. Rug

1. Light | 2. Lamp | 3. Crib Blanket | 4. Mermaid Blanket | 5. Beach Baby | 6. Nightlight | 7. Starfish | 8. Curtains | 9. Coral Prints | 10. Customized Doll | 11. Mermaids Sign | 12. Chair | 13. Pillow | 14. Rug

I received another request to help out a mother of *almost* two little girls (one is on the way). The guidelines – to work around the two Land of Nod blankets and that the room is a tiffany blue. These are super sweet blankets and the color is lovely, but this was definitely a challenge for me. I wanted to try and keep the large pieces (rug & chair) neutral so that they could have fun with the accessories! If I went with a really bold or bright pattern I feared with the two little girls and all their toys the room would be ultra busy!! (It probably will be anyway!) It was also challenging to find the right colors in beach themed accessories to match the blankets. It may be a good idea to invest in some spray paint that matches the colors or a nice white, which will look crisp, and delightfully elegant while still really popping off the wall! The golden orange was a dominating color that had the right contrast with the tiffany blue to add interest, so I pulled this out by finding the art prints, curtains and pillow.

If you’re needing some help or would like an inspiration board just for fun feel free to e-mail me with your desires I may just feel inspired to create a board for you! :) marissa@moonandhoney.com



Logos Lately





One of the most challenging things I do as a freelance Graphic Designer would have to be Logos, but the last three months I have been blessed with being asked to rise to this challenge. Thank you to those who have put trust in letting me give your businesses an identity – as difficult as it is to balance all the things that make up a logo // clients wishes, vs good design, colors, typefaces, shapes, communicating the “who, what & whys” within a tiny symbol is a very very difficult and sensitive thing, but it's because of your trust in me that has allowed me to grow and learn as a designer. I sincerely thank you for your business. If you are someone interested in a logo feel free to e-mail: marissa.kephart@gmail.com to find out more – I would most likely love to work with you!


Baby Ziebka Ivory & Gold Neutral Nursery


I had put together a gray and gold neutral nursery inspiration board for an old classmate when she announced her pregnancy – you can see that here (& coincidentally today is her due date::happy thoughts to the Medicks!). Then I put it out to the viewers of TM&TH to request an inspiration board for your future little one. That's when Emily came in – she gave me key words like “soothing, modern, neutral, ivory and gold”. See above for what I came up with! & Congrats to Emily (we are both expecting in February!) <3



A Decorated Pallet Wall by Words of Williams

home_inspirationWhen I saw Kelsey, writer/mother/wife/style guru/prolific Iowa blogger/extraordinaire, of Words of Williams, post an image and blog post about a DIY pallet wall I knew I wanted to share it all with you and she happily agreed to do so! I love that this room is immediately elevated with a point of view and sense of style, it feels customized, but on such an affordable budget. The rustic wood adds so much texture and warmth to their master bedroom and best thing about it?! You can easily do it too! Check out the post on their blog dedicated to the “how-to” then drool over the lovely images below and find out how she went about decorating her super awesome wall!


What Kelsey had to say about the decorating process:

Some of you have been asking if we still like our pallet wall and how we’ve decorated it. It’s taken us quite a few months, but we finally have added some things!

I have to say it has been a little tough to decorate! I knew we needed a headboard because the pallets were leaving little wood shavings on our pillows, which wasn’t awesome.

My favorite part of the room is the pothos plant and super rad planter. i think it's the most unexpected item — how often do you find a plant on the wall in a bedroom?

side note: it did drip water on me the first night, but we've since figured out how to water it less!

As a reminder, here is what it looked like before:


It’s gorgeous but is just begging to be decorated. (The bed is a king to give you some perspective on how big of a wall this is!) At first we thought about making a white antler wreath out of shed antlers that I saw on Pinterest. I don’t think it would cost too much, but it would take a bit of work. But then I saw this awesome idea and we decided to go that route since we already had the arrows!

Here’s a closer shot from the foot of our bed to make it easier to see what we’ve got going on (sorry for the grainy iPhone pic):



White arrows: Fletcher and Fox | The white headboard: Target | Sheets: West Elm |
The sconces and lamp cords: West Elm | The Edison Style light bulbs: Lowes | The hanging planter: Woolly Pocket | Plant: Pothos | Silver wire names: Lila Frances


If you, or someone you know has an awesome space submit it to The Moon & The Honey! Find out how to here.


Intimate, Rustic/Vintage Wedding by The Wedding Format

real_weddingSometimes there's a wedding that makes my heart melt a little and this wedding did just that. When a couple's relationship starts off in a tight car ride traveling through numerous states with no a.c. there's a forced intimacy, but then to have extreme distances physically and still find love in one another is pure magic. Their wedding fits comfortably into their story line. There's an honest and sincereness about Mackenzie & Seth's wedding day that is captured by the warmth in The Wedding Format's photography approach. Speaking of The Wedding Format – they do amazing work! Be sure to check out their website to see what all they do!

The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-15The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-12_14The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-37The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-38The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-35The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-34The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-31The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-11_13The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-8_9The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-3_10The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-7The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-1The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-21_22The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-23_30The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-24The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-25The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-26_27The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-33The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-39_40The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-47_48The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-49_50The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-2The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-51The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-41The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-43The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-42_44The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-45The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-46The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-52_53The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-18_19The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-54_55The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-56_57The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-29The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-28The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-58The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-59_69The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-4The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-60_61The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-62The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-65_87The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-63_64The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-66_67The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-68_80The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-70The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-71_72The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-73_74The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-102The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-75_76The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-78The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-77The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-79The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-85_94The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-86_90The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-88_89The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-16_17The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-91The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-92The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-83_84The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-93The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-95The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-96The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-97_98The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-5The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-6_99The Wedding Format - Seth & McKenzie-100_101

Q. How Did you two meet?

Seth and a yoyo buddy from childhood and also close friend Dave Poyzer (The Wedding Format) were on a 3 week road trip from Iowa to NYC and back to IA. My best friend, Mariah Poyzer (TWF) and I were visiting friends in Buffalo, NY by way of a Greyhound bus (how do people still take those? Our bus driver got lost 3 times and it was complete madness). The plan was for the boys to swing by and pick us up after their YoYo competitions, for the long trek home. We had known of each other for years before, but had never really interacted up to that point. We consider that long car trip back our first meeting and forced friendship. After riding an a car with no AC and windows down, you had to make conversation with the closest person in proximity. It was those two days of driving that began four years of close friendship.

We both had been around the mountain a time or two regarding romantic feelings, but it wasn't until I moved to Montana and he to Arizona that we both realized the importance of each other in our lives. I had been married before, so it still took another move to Portland and six months unattached, for me to clearly hear the words “I'm the man for you” and feel complete peace in that he was right. That was a year ago and now six months into marriage and years of friendship of foundation, it can't get much better – even after a summer in Phoenix with 110 degrees daily! I've known since the car ride, that he would always be in my life no matter what happened. I'm so grateful that what happened, turned out to be daily life and family.

Q. What was your inspiration behind the day (if there was a theme)

We were still living in separate states when we decided to marry. We told our families a month before our wedding date. He flew in 4 days before and we packed the car and moved myself the day after so there wasn't a ton of time to plan

But I was inspired to keep our ceremony about celebrating the families we came from and the family we would make. It's why we chose to not elope as we originally planned, but instead have a wedding dinner celebration. From this the starting idea for everything was trees and branches. Essentially we took a tree that represented each family part, our grandparents, and parents and developed a motif of dark greens with adding a flair of gold for celebration. From this Betsy and I designed a dinner announcement, later turned reception invitation, that would be as personal and intimate as the evening with a whimsical hue. See below the Save the Date for our reception.

Save the Date 5x5

From there, we planned for greens, golds, lace, and soft yellow / gold lighting. Dark greens with soft grey/greens like olive branches and eucalyptus branches were the base for mostly everything. Most of the pieces around were vintage finds and rustic wares from my living room, Seth's parents, or my parents, and each had some unique story that crossed the country. For instance, we used green with gold leaf china, my inheritance from my grandma, and gold plated silverware from his grandma. I couldn't help but care about the details – to know each piece had a story and that they all were mostly about family, made it a whole picture from ceremony to dinner, that we were celebrating family.

Q. What was your favorite memory of the day?

My favorite memory was walking into the gallery for the first time to see Seth, Stornoway's “Are You the One” was playing, and I could feel the circle close. The circle of questions that we both had for years and always wondering, “I wonder if they are the one” and at that moment it was crystal clear and “right” that we were getting married. After the countless miles of road trips, years, moving boxes, text messages, and letters, it was a beautiful moment to know that we were in it for life.

Q. Did you have any specific music choices for the ceremony or reception?

Since it was mostly a dinner celebration, we only had music in the background. I remember Beachcomvers's Windowseal, an album by Stornoway, best described as a British alternative indie folk, played throughout the night and was also playing for our “first look”. I wouldn't say that “its our song or album” but it does encompass a large part of our friendship turned marriage over a course of a few years.

Q. Do you have any advice for planning brides now?

I really wanted to be relaxed and not rushing around. So I sought out a makeup artist/hair stylist that would come to the location we were to get married. I slept in (!) and my mom and I drove up to Perry to my soon to be in-laws to be pampered by AnnaLisa, who drove to the house to do her work. I truly don't do any types of pamperings, pedicures, etc, let alone consistently get my hair cut, so having someone come to a home to “doll me up” was such a sweet touch to the day. A friend of the family put together a beautiful smorgasbord of the most amazing hor dourves, and everyone, including the groom and men, were fully embracing the happiness of the day over snaking, chatting, and us girls getting pampered.

If there is any advice I can say is, once the day of hits, don't try to fit anything else in for yourself to do. Embrace each moment in getting ready. Embrace the togetherness of family and friends. Don't rush and plan accordingly so you don't. If you can have make up and hair done in your home, soooo do it! It was completely cost comparable and much more intimate and memorable.


Bride's look – Dress + Shoes: Modcloth, Veil: handmade by bride, Veil Barrette: Anthropologie, Hair + Makeup: AnnaLisa Berglund, Ring: vintage, from Etsy | Groom's look – Vest: vintage, shirt + pants: Gap, Shoes: Clarks,  Ring: handmade by Dave Poyzer of The Wedding Format | Venue: Perry, IA, Peterson family farm & La Poste | Flowers: groom's mother (Betsy Peterson Designs) | Arch, Centerpiece Boxes: bride's father (Tasler Carpentry) | Photography, Cakes & Stands, Lights, Cake Topper: The Wedding Format  | Food Vendor: Hy-Vee Catering out of Windsor Heights
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